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Contemporary Romance

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Anisoara Laura Mustetiu is a Romanian writer living in Australia. She studied German literature and Journalism (ILS) in Hamburg and Creative Writing and Business Communication at the Griffith University in Australia. Her poems were published in various Romanian Cultural Magazines, such as ‘Confluente literare’, ‘Logos si Agape’, Armonii culturale’, ‘Climate literare’ and ‘Aşi români’ and much more.

She is also writing essays, one of these, ‘The Secret of Writing, was published in 2019 in the Romanian Anthology of Essays ‘Taina Scrisului’ and 'The World of Books' was published in 2020 in ‘Worlds and Words,’ a bilingual and biannual German-English literary magazine, in cooperation with PEN-Austria.

Anisoara Laura Mustetiu is Member of the Australian-Romanian Academy for Culture, World Literature Academy and World Poets Association.

Anisoara Laura sees life as a deep exploration and expression of unique and inestimable feelings, thoughts and emotions. And she has purposed to capture those human values through poetry, which are reflected in themes of love, of loss and of migration. As her poems describe, life could be an adventure, a dream, an illusion, a wonderful poem or endless love. Her poems are for you, as a reader to journey into a new world, into a world of poetic imagery.

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